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Lifestyle | 25 Things before 25

In just 5 days I will be 22. 

21 has been phenomenal! It's been a year that's been challenging, full of adventure and a year of massive growth. I'm generally quite optimistic about ageing - like a fine wine I just keep getting better. Sometimes it is a little scary when you meet other people who are doing so much with their lives at your age and well, you've spent the last 2 weeks (okay, maybe 4) sat on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle.

Inspired by the many amazing people I've met in the last year, I decided that my Jeremy Kyle binge sessions must be traded in for more meaningful experiences and adventures!

 I don't really tend to make a big deal out of my birthdays unless it's a milestone birthday.  So instead of giving myself a year, I decided I'd write a little bucket list for my next big milestone - the quarter of a century

I was initially going to do a list of things to do before hitting the Dirty 30 but I'm not quite ready to crystallise that reality in a blog post. 

1. Give my time to a charity in support of women’s rights.

It’s something I feel really passionate about.

2. Travel to South America 

Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia - I really really want to go to Colombia. 

3. Work in another country 

I’ve already worked in France breifly but I want to try working somewhere further afield. I feel like the challenge would be good for me. 

4. Attain an intermediate level in at least 5 languages 

So currently I have 3 under my belt. Well 2.5 - I need to brush up on my French. I’m also taking Portuguese classes this semester. 

5. Organise a large scale charity fundraiser 

Again a nerve-wracking challenge but there’s a really worthy cause that I want to support and I have a great fundraiser idea - it’s just a case of pulling it off now!

6. Learn to swim 

Guys, I can’t swim. It actually holds me back in life. 

7. Go sailing and jump into the sea (after I've learnt to swim obvs) 

Definitely would be a massive achievement seeing as currently, I’d drown in any body of water deeper than a bath tub. Plus it would make amazing Instagram photos, hmmm maybe I’ll give myself bonus points if it’s topless or would that hurt? 

8. Travel to Canada 

I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about Toronto lately, so I started looking into Canada as a travel destination. There’s so many beautiful places out there! - check out my Canada pinterest board here.

9. Visit New York 

Why have I not been yet? 

10. Visit another Sub-Saharan African country 

Being Cameroonian, we often go back to visit family but I’ve never seen any other part of Africa which I think is a massive shame. I really want to visit Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa. 

11. Learn to surf (again need to learn to swim first - nobody is trying to drown here)

It looks like so much fun!

12. Take a solo travel trip 

I’m drawn to the idea of solo travel because your travel itinerary is totally governed by you. You can make new friends and experience crazy new adventures that you might not get to do if you’re with a group of friends. I won’t lie though, the thought terrifies me but I think I need to do it!

13. Go skinny dipping 

No swimming required really! Because I’m carefree like that. In a pool though, because I don’t really want seaweed or fish up against my naked body - gross. 

14. See a Ballet 

I blame Black Swan. 

15. Save £3000

For a car, a house deposit, a Chanel 2.55

16. Visit the Tate Modern & Tate Britain 

Again why haven’t I been yet? 

17. Go to a good festival 

I went to Reading when I was 15 - it scarred me for life. Porta-loos, zero sleep, cold damp nights - it wasn’t the most comfortable 5 days. It really put me off festivals, and camping for that matter but I’m thinking a festival somewhere hot like Coachella (that would be beyond incredible) with good music. 

18. Ride a Motorbike or a Vespa

I’ve wanted to drive a two-wheeler since I was about 16. Initially I wanted a cute Vespa or Lambretta to get myself to school but it was not meant to be. Ideally I want to be the one driving, but I’ll settle for being driven by an attractive man. 

19. Make my own home

Move out, decorate, have my own space. I’ve developed a love affair with interior design, whether it’s industrial looking spaces, minimal spaces, bohemian spaces - I honestly just can’t get enough. I also like the idea of going out to buy things like house plants and kitchen appliances. 

20. See BeyoncĂ© live 

The first album I ever bought was a DC album - it was “The Writing on the Wall” and on tape. I actually used to be obsessed with Beyonce. I’m not a massive fan anymore - although Lemonade slayed on a whole new artistic level - but I feel like I owe it to myself to see the Queen B live in action. 

21. Attend London fashion week 

Maybe I’ll even get Street Style snapped… 

22. Visit Rivington Place

Rivington Place is an amazing art gallery in London’s shoreditch which showcases artists who deal with themes of oppression. I’ve tried to go twice now but both times they were changing exhibitions. 

23. Quit Smoking 

Because it’s expensive, a waste of money and kind of gross - I just need to stop. 

24. Read 25 Books

Knowledge is power guys! 

25. Win a blogging award

It would be nice wouldn’t it. I’m quite a goal-orientated person and like tangible milestones to reach or work towards. I’ve never been someone who’s been obsessed with my follower count or page views or anything but a blogging award would be a great honour for all the hard work that goes into blogging.

Disclaimer: Achievements, and living a "meaningful" or adventurous life are all relative - what's meaningful to you may not be the same to another person. The most important thing is to reflect on what YOU have and want to achieve. Do you boo!  

What's on your bucket list? Any tips on how I can achieve these? 


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Martha xo

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