Thursday, 23 April 2015

3 Trends I Won't be Trying this Spring

  • Flares

Flares. Love the way they look, just not on me. When you've got some booty a thigh, flares only exaggerate your curves. I mean it can be done if you pick the wide leg variety over a kick-flare style but to me this is a trend best left to the die-hards. I think this trend is going to die hard and when it does, those slightly unflattering £50 flares are going be a huge source of regret. Plus, mom jeans and I are really having a moment right now (okay I know it's like 2 years too late but hey, I'm not one for fast fashion).

  • Button Front Skirts 

This trend is super-cute but that's the problem. It's too cutesy. I'm trying to avoid looking like a 6 year old out shopping with my mum. Now not saying it can't be chic, well I am really. Again, when you're booty is more Kim K than Kate Moss, those buttons are going to bunch and that's not cute. Yes there are A-line versions, like the one above, which could be more flattering. However, the idea of buttons on my skirt is just far to retro for me.  I'm sitting this one out.

  • Khaki 

Okay, this one is highly personal. Khaki is not in my colour wheel. I feel like it's quite a boring colour. There's nothing wow about khaki. It doesn't have the crispness of white, the understated sexy of nude, the mysterious allure of black. It's just a big fat, resounding no from me.

Martha xo

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

10 Things That Go Through Every Uni Student's Head During Revision Season

University Revision Stress

1) I've got ages till my exams. Sooo much time!

2) I got this. I'm going to pop out firsts left right and centre

3) Okay, this is hard. This is quite hard. This is very hard

4) OMG!!! When did we cover this? 

5) What did I do to deserve this? 

6) Ohh yes, that was the lecture I skipped.

7) Why did I skip that lecture? Dammit this topic is hard. 

8) I literally don't understand anything!

9) Shit shit shit, I do not have enough time to go through ALL of this!

10) I'm literally going to fail, I need a plan B

Exam season is fast approaching and I am currently in the fiery depths of revision hell. That being said, I think I've settled back into a routine so expect regular blog posts again :) 

Martha xo

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