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If you follow my instagram, you'll know that over the Christmas break, I spent time gallivanting around Cameroon, West Africa.  It was an amazing trip where I was able to spend time with my family, go clubbing, eat lots of Cameroonian food and soak up the 30 degree weather. Even though both of my parents are Cameroonian and I go back every couple of years, the culture shock and overall experience is always surreal. As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate Cameroon's quirks more and more and I wanted to share some of them with you.

**Picture heavy Post** 

First Photo: Fisherman at Sunset in Limbe

Strolling into the sunset in Limbe. We were eating dinner at a restaurant overlooking this piece of coastline - I wasn't actually going onto the beach but I definitely could not miss this shot could I?

My favourite Cameroonian food, Ndole and Yams, at Iya, a cocktail bar and restaurant in Buea. I basically ate this all holiday.  

St Anthony's Church, Kumba. My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage and my grandparents celebrated 50 years whilst we were in Cameroon which meant a lot of church services. St Anthony's Church has some really beautiful gardens, it was extremely hot to be sat in a 2 hour church service but at least the priest's sermon was funny. 

Admiring the view from our apartment. There's so much greenery in Cameroon and we were fortunate to have such a scenic view.

Bota Parish Church, Limbe. Another day, another church service - this church was super cute as it over looks the coast (below).


Marché des Fleurs, Douala. This market is 100% a tourist trap but it's still full of some lovely artisanal pieces like this table and chair set. Oddly there was a lot of phallic symbols lying around (below). I had a giggle. 

Saga Africa Restaurant, Akwa, Douala - where I ate more Ndole.

Rush hour on the Wouri Bridge, Douala. Although Okadas (Motorbike taxis) are everywhere in Cameroon being surrounded by them in a traffic jam was surreal. 

Also if you have any kind of STI/like phallic imagery, this street vendor has you sorted.

Suya sellers in Douala. No trip to Cameroon is complete without copious amounts of street food staple Suya. It's beef guys, don't worry. 

Quadbiking at Molam Beach, Idenau. I just love the black sand in Limbe, caused by the nearby active volcano Mount Cameroon. I got to tick quadbiking off my bucket list and enjoy fresh roasted fish. This particular beach is gorgeous because it's not as popular and so is currently (largely) unspoiled. 

How do you guys deal with culture shocks when you travel? 

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