Monday, 17 April 2017

STYLE | Decision Fatigue & Uniform Dressing

Uniform dressing can honestly fix your life - well it could be the start. 

With all the stuff going on in life, sometimes choosing a fiyahh outfit everyday can be draining. I know what you're thinking - doesn't this contradict your last post? Well, no. If anything it cleverly and effectively backs up what I said.

I was listening to The Daily boost (an amazing motivational podcast, that everyone should definitely subscribe to) on my drive home yesterday and the key takeaway was that we should eliminate the choice involved in the mundane or routine things we do everyday. If we don't this can lead to decision fatigue and make the decisions we make later on in the day less effective. It sounds a little improbable that something as small as deciding what to wear each day can affect the efficacy of your decisions throughout the day.

Let's just illustrate that process: You wake up in the morning, you decide on what to eat for breakfast; then you decide what eyeshadow/lipstick/blusher to wear (that's 3 decisions by the way); then you decide on your outfit - jeans or a skirt, a white button down or a t-shirt, heels, boots or flats. That's a lot of decisions isn't it? By the time you come to make the important decisions in your day, you're decisioned out or at the very least your brain is definitely a bit tired! So cutting out one decision, i.e what to wear each day, saves some of that brain power for later decisions. You can do an Emmanuelle Alt and literally wear various versions of the same formula or you can do a capsule wardrobe, or you can simply plan your outfits out on your off day for the week ahead.  

I'm currently in the capsule camp; wearing a variation of the same thing everyday feels too restrictive for me. This particular outfit is one of my absolute favourites and is definitely in my core capsule wardrobe - I feel like it gives some of that semi-androgynous Scandi/French style that I keep pinning to my pinterest boards. This H&M ruffled shirt makes enough of a statement without being too loud and black jeans mean I'm ready for whatever the day throws at me. I switched up my usual loafers for my new Steve Madden pointed snakeskin flats, threw on my leather jacket and I was ready for a spot of lunch with my mum!

Sometimes I feel awkward taking outfit shots and so just break out into dance... 

What do you guys think about uniform dressing and decision fatigue?

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