Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Kicking off my 4 part back to uni series with some student friendly style tips!

Student life is exciting, fast-paced and exhausting, but don't let your style suffer. Here's a few practical tips to help you prepare and keep you looking your best all year round!

Invest in some good flats and cute trainers

As a student you spend a lot of time walking, often because it's the cheapest mode of transport, whether this is to and from Uni, to friends' houses or to the library - walking plays a huge part in your day to day life. This often means that even a 3.5 inch pair of boots can become an excruciating burden. Plus speed walking to your 9 am lecture in a pair of heels will definitely leave you a sweaty and stressed mess.  Trust me, trainers and flats will save your life - if you can't bear to forgo that extra bit of height, try and stick within the 2-3 inch range (block not kitten heels people). 

Get a coat with a hood

I used to feel that hooded coats were unsightly atrocities that should never be worn past the age of 12. However, going to uni in Newcastle has definitely changed my outlook. There is nothing worse that battling with an umbrella in gale force wind whilst trying to ensure your laptop and books remain dry. If hooded coats are really not your thing, try something that is stylish and has a removable hood - that way you can stash the hood when it stops raining.  

Create a uniform

A uniform is a great way to ensure you're always stylish and means you can afford those extra few minutes in bed when you have an early start and had one too many trebles the night before. I'd suggests finding your go-to outfit that's both comfortable and stylish, for those mornings where being adventurous is not in the agenda, and then getting a couple of variations. You can make your life even simpler by having a few different "uniforms" that you wear during the week and just rotating them. 

Layer, Layer, Layer

It may be freezing outside, then the library will be slightly too warm, then the lecture theatre will be almost as cold as outside and the pub will be hot hot hot. Layering will help you face all of these temperature extremes with ease. Don't go overboard though - we don't want to look like the michelin man.

What are your favourite student friendly style tips?


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