Thursday, 15 September 2016


It was a fancy dress night, I don't just dress like this for bants...

Don't get an overdraft

It's all fun and games when the bank offers you £1500 interest free money to spend in Topshop, Missguided and on the Diamond strip. You think you'll only dip into it occasionally and then replace the money quickly so you never hit that point of no return. In reality, you'll max it out quicker than you can imagine and paying it back will cause you endless anxiety.

Make as many fiends as possible and don't latch on to the first group of people you meet

The whole uni situation can push you into a friendship group you don't necessarily want to be in. You won't gel with everyone instantly, and that is completely okay. Don't just latch on to the group of people you meet on the first night of freshers week just because you want a friendship group ASAP. Get out there, mingle and hang out with different people - uni is a great opportunity to seek out those coveted life-long friendships, so don't settle out of fear.

Booty shorts, crop tops and ankle boots (with tights obviously!) do not make a winning OOTN.

Girl put some clothes on please, this is not Magaluf! Shade throwing aside, are you a booty shorts kinda girl? Moral of the story: don't feel the need to change up your style to fit in - you'd be fabulous in a plastic bag boo.

Go to uni with an open mind

I feel like there's so much pressure for uni to automatically be the best 3 or 4 years of your life. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. University life can have you feeling lonely, anxious, stressed all whilst trying to see if you can hack beans on toast for the fourth night in a row because you've run out of money. It's okay if you're not having the time of your life 24/7, but remain positive and keep an open mind. Even the tough times will teach you something and shape you into the brilliant person you're meant to become. Then you can look back on it with joy and pride rather than as a blemish in your life story.

You will regret those drunken selfies

You always think you look like a 10 in drunken selfies, when in reality you have one eye shut and your eyebrow pencil has smudged such that the end of your eyebrow meets your ear. To be honest, they may be regrettable but it's a funny memory.

Get a job and save some money.

House deposits, textbooks, that amazing summer spent backpacking around South America and the dreaded overdraft all cost money. For some of us, student loans are just not enough; getting a job and actually saving some money can help you out when times get tough or to realise those travel ambitions. Word of warning - promo jobs are great as a student - they're flexible and you get free entry into clubs - but they are also a lot of hard graft in comparison to how much you get paid.

First year grades are important - face your books and study.

Everyone went on about how first year doesn't count. Grad jobs are competitive and good first year grades will help set you apart. Moreover, you're ultimately at uni to learn and £9K a year is a lot of money. Don't sell yourself short and slack during first year, don't kill yourself but don't slack to the point of failure - make that student debt worth it.

Hot people frequent the library, dress accordingly.

Do not get caught looking like a 5 in the library. You're a solid 10 and there will be other solid 10s looking all smart and sexy with their heads in a book, when they look up make sure you're looking on point. You'll thank me later.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what advice would you give your first year self? 

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